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Twenty-four years ago the homoeopathic department of the University was established by special act of the legislature. From a modest beginning, having at first but one lecturer and few students, the college reached its largest enrollment in1889, and the same year it graduated a class of 24 students. During the next six years there was a gradual falling off in the number of matriculates and the homoeopathic profession of the State attributed this decline to faculty disagreements and to unfeasible and revolutionary college schemes. Lack of confidence in the department lost the support of the patrons of homoeopathy. Three years ago the faculty retired, and the Board of Regents immediately reorganized the school, selecting the present faculty.

The number of professorships in the school is five. They include the practical chairs of practice, material medical, surgery, diseases of the eye and ear, and diseases of women and obstetrics. In addition to the regular work in these branches, a complete clinical course in diseases of the nervous system is given at the hospital. Dr. O. E. Long of the State Asylum at Ionia gives a thorough course on psychiatry and its legal aspect. The didactic teaching in pathology is given by the chair of practice and an assistant The students of the homoeopathic college do their laboratory work with other students of the University engaged in the same lines of study.

The homoeopathic material medica is exceedingly difficult and voluminous, therefore especial attention is given to that branch of medicine. The course consists of three lectures a week for two years, besides special laboratory work in the study of drug action upon the healthy man and animal. In the hospital, application of these principles is made at the bedside. In addition to the regular work, the seniors and juniors are required to devote themselves to hospital practice. This consists of clinical work and practical demonstrations of medical and surgical methods.

Since the reorganization, confidence in the college has been restored. The patronage of the University Hospital Homoeopathic this year has been far in excess of any previous year. The hospital has been crowded to its fullest capacity, at one time this year having as many as 65 patients. More furniture and fixtures have become necessary and by order of the Board of Regents, have been secured. The hospital has been equipped with an elevator, an appropriation for an X-ray apparatus has been made, and many improvements are promised for the coming year.

An illustration of the renewed confidence of the Michigan profession in the college is shown in a recent action of the State Homoeopathic Society. By a unanimous vote the following resolution was passed: "Resolved, That a vote of confidence be given to the professors of the Homoeopathic College at Ann Arbor and that this society extend its congratulations to each and every one for his untiring efforts in the upbuilding of homoeopathy at the University of Michigan." A feature of the hospital work has been the large number of obstetrical cases. In the children's ward many little patients have received treatment. Special instruction in pediatrics and child feeding is a part of the general course.

The college attendance has greatly increased. With as many new students next year as this, the enrollment will exceed any former registration. It is confidently believed that five years from now the University of Michigan will possess one of the largest homoeopathic schools in the world. A homoeopathic college first offered a three years graded course in medicine and was first to offer a four years course, the latter dating from1878. The homoeopathic profession has ever maintained the importance of a high standard of medical education and it recognizes that not more colleges are needed but better ones. The homoeopathic department of the University of Michigan, offering as it does the highest standard of didactic, laboratory and practical work, is looked upon by the profession as one of its best schools.

The Alumnus

July 1898, page 360

The University of Michigan

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