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Band Director Is Famed In His Profession

William D. Revelli
The Michigan Alumnus 476

Recognized as one of the
 outstanding figures in the con
cert band world, William D. Revelli
 has had a varied and extensive 
musical training career. Associated
 with the University of Michigan
 bands since the fall of 1935, as a
 conductor he has brought great 
fame to the organization which, 
 during the past five years, has 
traveled an estimated 15,000 miles. 

Mr. Revelli began his musical edu
cation in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri, as a pupil of D. Sarli of the
 St. Louis Symphony, and he was 
enrolled in the Beethoven Conser
vatory of Music, studying theory 
and violin. Four years later he en
tered the Chicago Musical College 
and studied with prominent musical 
figures. From 1919 to 1921 he 
toured with the Redpath Chautau
qua, and from 1924 to 1926 he was enrolled in the Columbia School of 
Music, Chicago, where he did his
 public school work.

He studied
 with H. A. Vander Cook, founder 
and president of the Vander Cook
 School of Music in Chicago, from
 1925 to 1935. For some time dur
ing this period Mr. Revelli was 
Supervisor of Music in the Hobart 
Public Schools, Hobart, Indiana, 
 where he organized the instrumental
 music department in the high
 school, and his work with the Ho
bart High School Band is con
sidered phenomenal in the field. The 
band won first place in the National
 contest for five years under Revelli's

When he came to Michi
gan in 1935, Mr. Revelli also be
came Assistant Professor of Wind 
Instruments. He has been a guest 
conductor and lecturer at New
 York University from 1938 to 1942, 
was guest conductor at Northwest
ern University from 1935 to 1941, 
 and has conducted at the National
 Music Camp at Interlochen since
 1935. He is a member of Kappa 
Kappa Psi Band fraternity and is 
a member of the national honorary 
fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha.

As an
 outstanding authority on bands, Mr. 
Revelli has acted as adjudicator 
and conductor at clinics and con
ferences in almost every state in the 
Union, and is in constant demand. 
 He is also a member of the Sight
 Reading Committee of the National
 School Band Association and is a 
member of the American Band-
masters' Association. As an editor, 
 Mr. Revelli has had his band and
 orchestra method published, and he 
is currently serving as Editor of the
 Band and Orchestra Department
 of the Etude, music magazine.