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Honorary Degree University of Michigan

Roger William Heyns
Regents' Proceedings 545

Roger William Heyns, Master of Arts in the Class of 1942, Doctor of Philosophy in 1948; Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley.

The University of California at Berkeley has assembled an awesome array of academic talent capable of searching out all recesses of the intellect that truth might endure. Such continuing diligence, more so today, is given impetus by the sure hand of its present Chancellor. His mark is indelible. He persuades from a sense of commitment, both moral and rational, asserting that guidance to the truth, within the bounds of restraint, can be provided by all. In its present concerns, his institution continues to find him a source of conviction and of strength.

His Alma Mater now makes known its affectionate esteem for him as it tenders him the degree Doctor of Laws.