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Reed M. Nesbit
Regents' Proceedings 1602

Reed Miller Nesbit, for thirty-seven years head of the Urology Section of the Department of Surgery, has completed his terminal furlough and retired from the active faculty.

Dr. Nesbit came to the University Hospital as an assistant resident from Stanford University, where he had earned his baccalaureate and medical degrees. He joined the faculty in the next year, 1926, as Instructor in Surgery, and in 1930 was placed in charge of the Urology Section. In 1943 he attained the rank of Professor. He was by then at the height of the professional activity, which has brought him national and international fame. His advances in surgical procedures and techniques are recorded in some one hundred and fifty scientific articles. Having earlier presided over the principal associations of genitourinary surgeons, he is now enjoying a crowning honor as President of the American College of Surgeons.

Within the Medical Center, Dr. Nesbit closely supervised nearly eighty residents, of whom eighteen are now chiefs of urology in medical schools in the United States and abroad. He helped fashion hospital policies as member and chairman of principal committees. Expressing a side interest, he long served on the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics. In '1964 the University conferred on him its Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.

The Regents of the University would here join his professional colleagues and his former students in tendering him warm gratitude and high honor. As they appoint him Professor Emeritus of Surgery, they cordially invite him to partake of all perquisites of emeritus rank, and to sustain his associations with the School to which he has brought both inspiration and luster.