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Norman Asa Wood
Faculty Senate

Norman Asa Wood, M.S. (Hon.) '37, Emeritus Curator of Birds at the University, died at his home September 7, 1943, after a brief illness. He had been with the University since 1895, before retiring 11 years ago, with the exception of two years which he spent on leave at Ginling College at Nanking, China.

Mr. Wood was born August 9, 1857, in Lodi township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, and attended Saline High School. He was married to the late Lillian D. Phelps, in 1885. Mr. Wood joined the University staff under Dean C. Worcester as a taxidermist and ornithologist. At one time he worked with the State Geological Survey and visited every county in Michigan, mapping bird nesting areas and studying migration of birds. He also spent some time at Amherst College where he worked on the original Audubon collection. While at Gingling College he established a museum.

Since 1880, he has been working on a book which contains a comprehensive record of the birds of Michigan and their migration record and nesting habits. The book is to be publish sometime this fall. He is also author of numerous pamphlets.

Mr. Wood was a member of Michigan Academy of Science, and Letters; the American Ornithologists Union; the Cooper Ornithologic Club; Michigan Ornithological Club which he served as Vice-President one time; Pacific Northwest Bird an Mammal Society; National Geographic Society, which he once served associate Editor and Vice-President Biological Society of Washington, which he was a life member; Nation Association of Audubon Societies; the Sons of the American Revolution Mr. Wood's daughter is Mrs. Annet Wood Kivi, '17.