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Joseph Whiting
Regent's Proceedings 320

That the Board of Regents are deeply affected by the recent dispensation of Providence which has removed by death the Rev. Joseph Whiting, late Professor of Languages in the University of Michigan.

This event having occurred on the 20th ultimo after a few days illness, by a violent attack of disease suddenly depriving us so shortly before the Commencement of his valuable services, has produced as much sadness in the minds of the Regents as gloom on the part of the Faculty and students. Professor Whiting having been from the very commencement of the labors of this Board associated with us in our enterprise as Principal of a flourishing Branch, and having afterwards been selected as one of the first who were called to aid in the organization of the University proper, having participated largely in the cares, anxieties, and labors incident to the first years of the University, having shown his fidelity and devotion to its interests and his peculiar qualifications as well for the counsel and government of youth as for their instruction in Classical Science, and having endeared himself to us individually by his many amiable properties and virtues as a citizen, a Christian, a minister of religion, and a Professor in the University, we feel that in his death we have met with a very great and
serious loss.

While we mourn for our own loss, and that of the friends of Literature and Science, and the community at large, we truly sympathise with his bereaved and afflicted, widow and family to whom his death has been an irreparable calamity.