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John Robert Effinger
The Michigan Alumnus 160-164

Throughout his whole academic life Dr. John Robert Effinger, '92, now
 Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, has been a Mich
igan man. He was born July 3, 1869, at Keokuk, Iowa, son of the Reverend
 John Robert and Lucretia Knowles Effinger. He is descended on his fath
er's side from Captain John Ignatius von Effinger, a Revolutionary soldier
 who was granted a tract of land in the Shenandoah Valley by the Congress 
as remuneration for military service. On his mother's side he is related
 to a New England family of which the first representative in America, the
 Reverend John Knowles, came to this country about the middle of the seven
teenth century, and married the granddaughter of Elder Brewster of Plymouth. 

After preparing for college in the public schools of Iowa and Illinois, 
 he entered the Literary Department of the University of Michigan in 1887, 
 and was graduated with the class of 1891 with the degree of Bachelor of 

The year following his graduation he was assistant principal in the high
 school at Manistee, Michigan, and in 1892 he was appointed Instructor in
 French at the University, a position that he held for three years. In addition to his duties as instructor he pursued graduate studies in the University, 
 and in 1894 was granted the degree of Master of Philosophy on examination.

The summer of 1894 and the year 1895-6 he spent in study at the University 
of Paris and in the National Library in Paris, with the exception of two 
months which he passed at Siena, Italy, in the study of Italian. In 1896
he returned to his former position as Instructor in French at the University, 
becoming Assistant Professor in 1901, Junior Professor in 1906, and Pro
fessor in 1912. In 1898 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on
 examination. The year 1910-11 was spent in travel and study abroad. From
1908 to 1912 he acted as Dean of the Summer Session, and in 1912 he was
appointed Acting Dean of the Literary Department, in place of Dean John 
O. Reed, who was granted leave of absence on account of ill health. 

Dean Effinger is the author, with Professor H. P. Thieme, of "A French 
Grammar," which was issued by Macmillan in 1908, and has edited the fol
lowing works: "Selected Essays from Ste. Beuve," 1895; Hugo's "Preface
de Cromwell and Hernani," 1899; Labiche's "Voyage de M. Perrichon,"
1905; Moliere's "Precieuses Ridicules and Femmes Savantes," 1912. He 
has also contributed articles to various publications, including Modern Language Notes. Dean Effinger is a member of the Modern Language Asso
ciation of America. 

He was married on Tune 24, 1903, to Margaret Thain, 1900, and they 
have two children, Margaret Knowles and John Robert, Jr.