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Greek Department Head Is Active In Classical Groups

Campbell Bonner
The Michigan Alumnus 53

Greek Department Head Is Active In Classical Groups

Research in papyrology and
 in the history of Greek religion 
and superstition are the special 
fields of interest of CAMPBELL 
BONNER, Professor of the Greek 
Language and Literature and Chair
man of the Department of Greek.

Despite his many University activ
ities, including appointment as 
Henry Russel Lecturer, 1938-1939, and officer ship in a number of
 learned societies; Professor Bonner 
has found time for considerable
 study and travel abroad. He was
 Annual Professor at the American
 School of Classical Studies in Ath
ens, 1927-1928, and was also Mem
ber of the Managing Committee. 
 He is at present Member of the 
Executive Committee. For two 
terms, he was Delegate to the Amer
ican Council of Learned Societies 
from the American Philological As
sociation, in which he has also 
served on the Advisory Board and 
Executive Committee.

Bonner was born at Nashville, Ten
nessee, January 30, 1876, and re
ceived his A.B. degree from Vander
bilt University in 1896 and A.M. in
1897. He also holds A.M. and
 Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. In
 1900 he went to the University of 
Berlin, spent some time in Greece 
and Italy, and returned to the 
United States to become Professor 
of Greek at Peabody College for
 Teachers, University of Nashville. In 1907 he became Junior Professor
 of Greek at Michigan, in 1912 Professor, and in 1932, Chairman of 
the Department. He has written A 
Papyrus Codex of the Shepherd of 
Hermas, 1933; The Lost Chapters 
of Enoch in Greek, 1937, and nu
merous contributions to journals. 
 He is former President of the American Philological Association, the
 Classical Association of the Middle
 West and South, and the Michigan
 Academy of Science, Arts and Let
ters. He is also a member of the 
Archaeological Institute of Amer
ica, the American Oriental Society, 
 and the American Academy of Arts
 and Sciences.