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Campbell Bonner
The Michigan Alumnus 62-71

Campbell Bonner, who comes to 
the University to fill the place left
 vacant by the resignation of Profes
sor Fairbanks, was born in Nashville, 
 Tenn., Jan. 30, 1876. He was pre
pared for college at the University
 School in Nashville, and was grad
uated from Vanderbilt University
 with the degree of A.B. in 1806. The
 following year was spent in graduate
 work at Vanderbilt, where he acted
 as assistant in German.

In the au
tumn of 1897 he entered the Graduate
 School of Harvard University, devot
ing his attention entirely to the clas
sics, receiving the degree of A.M.
 from Harvard in 1898, and Ph.D. in

During his last year's residence 
at Harvard he held a Morgan Fellow
ship, and upon receiving his doctor
ate was appointed to the Harris Fel
lowship was partly at the University of Berlin, 
 partly in Greece and Italy. Upon re
turning to America in 1901 he was appointed Professor of Greek at the 
University of Nashville (Peabody 
College for Teachers) which position 
he held until his appointment as Junior
 Professor of Greek in this University. 

He has collaborated with Professor C. 
F. Smith as editor of Xenophon's An
abasis (Appleton, 1905), and besides 
his doctor's dissertation was published 
in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 13 (A Study of the Dan-
aid. Myth). He has published arti
cles and reviews in the American 
Journal of Philology, Classical Re
view, Classical Philology, and the
 Classical Journal, of which he is an 
associate editor. He is a member of 
the American Philological Associa
tion, and the Classical Association of 
the Middle West and South.