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Alviso Burdett Stevens
Faculty Senate

Alviso Burdett Stevens was widely recognized authority on pharmaceutical affairs. Born in Tyrone, Michigan, June 1, 1853, he came to Michigan to enter the College of Pharmacy, and received his Ph.C. degree in 1875. For ten years after his graduation, he conducted a prescription pharmacy and analytical laboratory in Detroit, and taught at the Detroit Medical College. He was active in promoting the interests of professional societies in Detroit, helping to organize the Detroit Pharmaceutical Association, which he served as first President. He had also served as Vice-President of the American Pharmaceutical Association, and as Honorary President of this organization in 1919.

Dr. Stevens returned to Michigan as Instructor in Pharmacy in 1886, became Lecturer in 1890, Assistant Professor in 1892, Junior Professor in 1906, Professor in 1909, Acting Dean of the College of Pharmacy, 1912-1914, and Dean in 1917. He retired as Dean Emeritus in 1919 and in later years has engaged in raising of citrus fruits on his ranch at Escondido.

For many years, Dr. Stevens was one of the nation’s outstanding authorities in pharmacy, having served as a member of the committee for revision of the United States Pharmacopoeia, eighth and ninth revisions, and on the committee of revision for third and fourth revisions of the National Formulary. He is also the author of Arithmetic of Pharmacy, 1907; Manual of Pharmacy and Dispensing, 1909, and of many articles on pharmacy and related subjects.

At the University of Berne, Switzerland, he studied for the Ph.D. degree which he received in 1902, and in 1926 Michigan bestowed on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.