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Names Dean of Medicine

Albert Carl Furstenberg
The Michigan Alumnus 189

bert C. Furstenberg, Professor of Otolaryngology and
 Head of that Department in the Medical School, named Dean
 of the Medical School

The new Dean is young—he is 
but forty-four—a Michigan man 
through breeding and education, 
 having been born in Saginaw and 
prepared for college in its public 
schools. He received his Bachelor
 of Science degree from the Univer
sity in 1913 and his degree in Medicine in 1915. At the
 University Hospital he served his Internship, affiliating
 himself from the beginning with the Department of Oto
laryngology as Demonstrator and then Instructor. He 
served as Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor, 
 and was named to full Professorship and Head of his De
partment in 1932. He is known as an authority in his 
field, both as a scholar and practitioner, and has built up
 an extensive practice in Ann Arbor, specializing in dis
eases of the ear, nose and throat. 

Dr. Furstenberg, when he comes to his important post 
to head a Medical School which has been built by 
such men as Abram Sager, Alonzo B. Palmer, Corydon 
L. Ford, Victor C. Vaughan, Hugh Cabot and Frederick
 Novy—all its former heads—will find an exceptionally 
strong Executive Committee to assist him. Three comprise the Committee proper; each is at the head of his
 Department and is nationally known for his skill and scholarship. Dr. Carl V. Weller is Professor of Pathology 
and Director of the Pathology Laboratories, Dr. Udo J. 
Wile is Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology and 
Executive for the Clinical Departments of the Medical
 School and Dr. Frederick A. Coller is Professor of Surgery. Serving as Ex-Officio members are Dr. Harley A. 
Haynes, Director of the University Hospital and Executive for the Hospital in the Medical School; and Dr.
 James D. Bruce to whose titles the Regents have just
 added that of Chairman of the
 newly established Division of
 Health Sciences.