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Albert Augustus Stanley
Regents' Proceedings 940

Albert Augustus Stanley was born at Manville, Rhode Island, on May 25, 1851, and died at Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 19, 1932, after a life, dedicated to the cause of music, in which he had attained eminence of reputation and won the love and respect of several generations of faculty and students of the University of Michigan.

He came to Ann Arbor on the invitation of President Angell in 1888 and for thirty-three fruitful years held the professorship of music in the University, during most of which time he was also the Director of the University School of Music. He was the mainspring of all the enterprises undertaken during his time to promote popular interest in music in this part of the country, to furnish adequate opportunities for musical instruction, and to present to the public the best in music as performed by leading orchestral organizations and individual artists. Dr. Stanley was a composer of merit, an organist, a teacher, and a scholar.

Both Northwestern University and the University of Michigan conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Music, and he was likewise honored by election to office and to membership in numerous musical societies in this country, England, and Germany. Since 1921 he has been a respected figure as Professor Emeritus of Music.

The Regents of the University of Michigan thus record in these Proceedings their deep sorrow at the loss of one who has so long been regarded as the leader of musical activities in this community, and they convey to Mrs. Stanley their sincere sympathy.