University of Michigan Presidents


The University of Michigan Presidents’ House 1920s

John Monteith 1817-1821

John Monteith

Mrs. John Monteith

Henry Philip Tappan 1852-1863

Henry Tappan’s Inauguration Address

Henry Tappan

Julia Livingston Tappan

Erastus Otis Haven 1863-1869

Erastus Haven’s Inauguration Address

Erastus Otis Haven

Mary Frances Haven

Henry Simmons Frieze

1869-1871, 1880-1882, 1887

A Memorial Discourse

Henry Frieze

James Burrill Angell 1871-1909

James Angell’s Inauguration Address

James Angell

Sarah Angell

Harry Burns Hutchins 1909-1920

Henry Hutchins

Mary Louise Hutchins

Marion Leroy Burton 1920-1925

Marion Burton’s Inauguration Address

Alfred Lloyd, Feb - Sept 1925

Acting President

Clarence Cook Little 1925-1929

Clarence Cook Little’s Inauguration Address

Alexander Grant Ruthven 1929-1951

Alexander G. Ruthven’s Inauguration Address

Harlan Henthorne Hatcher 1951-1967

Harlan H. Hatcher’s Inauguration Address

Allen Smith 1979-1980

Interim President

Harold Tafler Shapiro 1980-1987

Harold T. Shapiro’s Inauguration Address

Lee C. Bollinger 1997-2001

Lee Bollinger’s Inauguration Address

Marion Burton

Nina Burton

Alfred Lloyd

Clarence Cook

Katherine Little

Alexander Ruthven

Florence Ruthven

Harlan Hatcher

Anne Hatcher

Allen Smith

Alene Smith

Robben Fleming

Robben Wright Fleming 1968-1979

Robben Fleming’s Inauguration Address

Sally Fleming

Harold Shapiro

Vivian Shapiro

Jim Duderstadt

Anne Duderstadt

Homer A. Neal

July 1996-January 1997

Interim President

Homer Neal

Donna Jean Neal

Lee Bollinger

Jean Bollinger

B. Joseph White 2001-2002

Interim President

Joe White

Mary White

Ken Coleman

Mary Sue Coleman

Mary Sue Coleman 2002-2014

Mary Sue Coleman’s Inauguration Address

Mary Sue Coleman 2002-2014

Mary Sue Coleman’s Inauguration Address

Mark Schlissel 2014-

Joe White

Mark Schlissel

Monica Schwebs