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Established in 2001, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center (UMDC) is the first of its kind devoted entirely to bringing depression into the mainstream of medical research, translational care, education, and public policy. The Center is at the forefront in changing the paradigm of how depression and bipolar illnesses are understood and treated.

The mission of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center is to detect depression and bipolar disorders earlier, treat more effectively, prevent recurrences and progression, counteract stigma, and improve public policy.

The National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC) is a non-profit organization that connects research centers across the United States with the stated goal of improving the research and treatment of mood disorders.

The NNDC was founded on October 24, 2008 by 16 university and academic medical centers and is currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The structure of the network was intended to replicate those currently being used to study cancer across the United States.[2] The reported goals of the NNDC have been to reduce stigma associated with mental disorders,[3] to build a national registry of patients,[4] and to orchestrate nationwide research initiatives.

Dr. John Greden is Executive Director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, the Rachel Upjohn Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences in the Department of Psychiatry, and Research Professor in the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute. He joined the faculty at the Medical School in 1974 and served as Chair of the Department of Psychiatry from 1985 to 2007.

Dr. Greden’s clinical and research activities have emphasized the study of the longitudinal course of depression, linkages between stress hormones and depressive recurrences, and clinical strategies for preventing such recurrences. He has published more than 268 scientific papers, edited a number of scientific books including “Treatment of Recurrent Depression,” and has been acknowledged in various listings of the “The Best Doctors” and the “Top 100 Psychiatrists” in America. He has been a devoted educator, having delivered more than 300 invited presentations on depression and other topics nationally and internationally and was twice acknowledged as “Teacher of the Year” at the University of Michigan Medical School.

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